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It's always a pleasure seeing my abstract resin artworks finding new home.

I would be so grateful for your feedback and so excited to see my art in your interior)

Please share some photos and video here it will mean a lot to me.

Hi Marie,

Thank you again for the beautiful painting, we absolutely love it! Paul put it up on the wall in our lounge room today. We decided it was too nice to hide it in the bedroom! We want all our visitors to see it.Here's some photos for you. It matches our houseperfectly. 
Thanks again,

Sarah & Paul 

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Marie was extremely generous and donated one of her paintings to the "Bubbles for babies " charity ball organized by the staff at Royal hospital for Women, Newborn Care Centre. When we renovated the waiting area we purchased 2 of her prints .
They are beautiful and peaceful. Perfect for the space.Tx
Bubbles L
Custom Commission Abstract Ocean Artwork
I wanted to have Antuanelle's artwork ever since I saw her print in friends' house. When we moved to our new place, we decided to order two commissions. 
We are so happy with the unique and beautiful artworks Marie produced for us!
They fill our house with amazing energy of the ocean. Thank you Marie!

Customer Review Abstract Resin Art Sydney Antuanelle

Review Antuanelle Abstract Ocean Art

Customer Review Antuanelle Resin Art