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Beyond. Abstract Seascape. Original Artwork

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Enjoy aerial view of the Great Blue hole made with gemstones, mineral stones, real pearls in this stunning teal blue and navy round artwork. This abstract ocean Artwork uses lush teals, deep navy blues, cold aqua, lots of translucent crystals and metallic copper sparkling pieces to transport you to a different, untouched world. This oceanscape is sealed with epoxy resin to preserve and highlight its vibrant beauty. 

Original Blue Abstract Art - made with mineral crystals of quartz,amethyst, real freshwater pearls,donkey ear shell, sticking out from the glass like surface, natural pigments, inks,Liquid Glass Epoxy on board.


  • Blue teal-colored hymn to coastal beauty
  • HALO LIGHTNING - LED lightning installed behind the artwork with 2m electric cable 
  • Rare and valuable amethyst, pearls and quartz crystals accents

    This Artwork on photo is sold and available as similar looking COMMISSION.

    By ordering it below you are getting similar looking made to order artwork.

    - 3-4 weeks added to production time as its made to order - colours and materials are similar - shapes and lines are always unique and impossible to replicate due to liquid nature of the medium, however I will do my best to get the same feel - final result will be different from what you see on the photo due to liquid nature of the medium and pouring technique