ANTUANELLE Art Company was founded by Sydney Abstract artist, Marie Antuanelle. We Create Stunning Statement pieces for Commercial and Residential Projects using GENUINE crystals of QUARTZ, AMETHYSTS, CITRINE, MOONSTONE, AURA RAINBOW QUARTZ etc. which are renowned for their healing energies and ability to harmonise and bring peace to the space. Our custom art pieces - Commissions intended to have a spiritual connection with their owners

What makes it so Special?

Using GEMSTONES, PEARLS and SWAROWSKI CRYSTALS to adorn her artworks, Antuanelle highlights how precious natural beauty is to humanity.

~ Portion of Sales from each Artwork is donated to Ocean and Animal Conservation Programs.

~ Ocean Artworks can be adorned with Real Sand and Seashells from Your Favourite Beach.

Chakra Balanced Crystals Formations used in Artworks enhance the Energy of the Space. Ocean and Geode Artworks can be customised and tuned to Your Chakra or adorned with Your Birth Stone.


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Welcome to my Studio

About Artist

Collectors from US, Canada, China, Europe and Hong Kong are enchanted by the unique spirituality and harmonised colour palette found in Antuanelle’s original Artworks and prints. Working with Gemstone Crystals, Seashells and other found objects she creates a balanced pieces to uplift the energy of the home. Abstract Ocean style with a variety of flow mediums, each artwork is created with meditation, each crystal connected with its chakra to createa boundless energy and joy that is 100% pure Marie. Her desire to exude harmony and serenity everyday through her art has made Antuanelle a beloved figure among the Australian art community.

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Antuanelle - Meet the Artist


Antuanelle Art Company specialises on creating Custom Statement pieces for  home or office. 

Commissioned artworks can be of all sizes, shapes and colors, You can even choose desired Chakra Balanced Crystals, Pearls and Swarovski.

During a consultation with you and understanding your vision Marie Antuanelle will send you an Artwork Brief with your preferences.

 FREE COMPLEMENTARY MOCK UP  of ARTWORK in Your INTERIOR will be provided to ensure your Statement piece reflects Your personality.

Genuine QUARTZ, AMETHYSTS, CITRINE crystals, Pearls and SWAROVSKI adorn Antuanelle’s Artworks and more then 30 other semi-precious gemstones are available upon request. There is always a waiting list. Please use the Commission tab at the top to begin the process.