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Resin Art Care Instruction

Resin Art Care Instruction

Thank for purchasing one of our Resin Art Original Artworks. NONE of our products are mass produced and as such, They need to be treated kindly. Proper care is essential to ensuring that your Resin Artwork  retains its beauty and value. These recommendations are intended to assist you and are based on our experience and judgment but must not be regarded as amounting to a legal warranty or liability on our part.

Resin Art Care and Cleaning 

Resin Art Original Works:

    UV Light and humidity are resin art’s worst enemies, so bear both in mind when deciding where to hang any artwork. Position it out of direct sunlight light and rain, taking special care not to hang it opposite any windows (Never hang Resin Art painting in a position where it is hit by direct sunlight for any part of the day, then you might find it become darker and greener or yellowish, take as much care as possible to place it in place protected from UV light. Other spots to avoid include over a fireplace (because heat and soot tend to rise), and near any bathroom or kitchen sink or stove (because the steam from showers can lead to dampness, warping and even fungus growth). Keep your resin artworks clean by regularly whiping them with dump cloth or dusting them gently with a dry cloth, and ensure that any hooks used for hanging are firmly secured to a wall stud. If storing your artwork, please place in a firm cardboard box taking care only to handle the work with gloves, to avoid damage from acid in fingers. 

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    No liability will be accepted by us if the above is not adhered to.