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Bali Utopia Ocean Artwork. Limited Edition Print

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Aerial seascape artwork depicting warm blue waters, soft white foam waves and muted sands.

Calming blue waters twist around the shoreline of this tropical seascape artwork, transporting viewers into the calming landscape of famous Indonesian beaches. White waves foam and twirl around the sand as sea creatures swim beneath the water, creating a tranquil and calming portrait of unseen beauty.


  • Multi-colored hymn to coastal surfing beauty
  • Tropical Seascape Print will add a luxury touch to any home
  • 3 finishes - GiClee Paper, Acrylic and Canvas
  • Completely Flat

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* Color/Size customized - neutral / vibrant, lighter/ darker, up to 1,5x2m - to match your interior.

All images and paintings are Copyright © Antuanelle 2012 All rights reserved