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Blue Lagoon - Jewel Reef . Abstract Ocean. Limited Edition Print

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Abstract seascape artwork with dark teal and bright blue waters, adorned with crystals and pearls

Be inspired by this natural seascape artwork, where warm blues and dark teal waters blend together to create a tropical and calming atmosphere for any viewer, inspired by aerial photography of the Heart Reef at Great Barrier Reef.

Inspired by aerial photography of Great Barrier Reef - Heart Reef with gemstones and freshwater pearls. Print on Plexiglass has a glass like surface 


  • Multi-colored hymn to coastal surfing beauty
  • Tropical Seascape Print will add a luxury touch to any home
  • 3 finishes - GiClee Paper, Plexiglass Acrylic Perspex and Canvas 
  • Size can be customised - contact for a quote
  • Limited Edition Print of 25 in total
  • Completely Flat