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The Creative Journey of a Dragonfly : Childhood Memories

The Creative Journey of a Dragonfly : Childhood Memories

One of my favourite childhood memories from the summers spent with my grandma living in a small sea village. I’m 5 years old and  summer afternoon heat is blazing. I’m hiding from my grandmother, she is calling me from far away- and i am  trying to stay in my own little world a little longer. Im laying down in tall yellow grass, looking at the golden dragonflies flying above with a loud noise and warm wind brings salty ocean aroma and sound of quiet waves. Im counting whisper clouds and dragonfly fairies in the golden light. I believed everything is possible....back then and I still believe in it now.

So when I got a message from one lady with a request if i can create an artwork with golden dragonflies immediately felt a connection as It is a part of my experience too )) The result of this project you can see on the photo. It was so fascinating to draw the dragonflies and then render them for gold foil printing so after they can be embedded into resin. 

Just wanted to add a little sunshine to your day guys. . .

This Ocean Dragonflies artwork with gold dragonflies flying in tall golden pampas grass, metallic gold grass and gold foil dragonflies and bright teal sea waves with soft beige Genuine sand from Bronte beach. Lots of gold accents and super shiny like a glass as its covered in Epoxy Resin which makes it waterproof.
This Dragonflies Artwork will transport you to the world of your childhood memories , full of sun and love.

View the Original Dragonfly Artwork or Dragonfly Print