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Rose Art Pastel. Soft Neutral Floral Artwork. Limited Edition Print

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A soft, gentle Rose Art artwork with a soft, pastel blush toned roses scattered on the ocean.

Feel the sweet aroma of these Rose Art blush  roses Floral Artwork by Antuanelle. Abstract Ocean background uses – pastel muted teal, light turquoise to transport you to a calming waters and warm winds. Tropical Floral Artwork inspired by travels around the world's best beaches.


  • Rose Art  Print will add a luxury touch to any home
  • 3 finishes - GiClee Paper, Acrylic and Canvas
  • Completely Flat

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* Color/Size customized - neutral / vibrant, lighter/ darker, up to 1,5x2m - to match your interior.

All images and paintings are Copyright © Antuanelle 2012 All rights reserved