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Mermaid. Large Green Abstract Ocean Artwork.

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Round COMMISSION. Custom Order of Circular Artwork. MADE TO ORDER CUSTOM ARTWORK

Enjoy whimsical Deep teal and nude pink coastal beauty , perfect summer getaway - well this Abstract Seascape  painting with soft teal waters and Tiger Seashells Will take u far far away. 

Artwork on Canvas: Mixed media, Liquid Glass, resin 

 This abstract ocean Artwork uses vibrant turquoise, crisp white, and warm navy blue to transport you to a different, untouched world.


  • Shimmering Iridescent Hymn to coastal beauty
  • Sophisticated Real Pearl and Seashells accents
  • Epoxy resin coating for preservation

Paintings on photo - SOLD and available as a similar looking COMMISSION.

Fully customisable painting - shape/size/color/gemstones/seashells. If you like something but want it in different colors or size - Commission is for you.

 Commission may have similar colors/gemstones/seashells/composition however due to liquid medium - the shapes and lines will always be different and unique. To order similar looking custom artwork proceed with the order here or via COMMISSION Page.