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Give Love Project #1 Abstract. Limited Edition Print

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This is the first artwork of the Give Love Project series 

Give Love Project is created to make a positive difference and to give back through artwork, to support the ones in need. Over the years I was supporting different causes through art and I feel it’s time to dedicate this a special project 
What we are doing:
To raise funds we will be making Art Prints and Original Abstract Artworks similar to the ones in carousel. 100% of profits will be donated to  organizations supporting those in desperate need in Australia 
We want to support our flood devastated  communities and we hope we can make an impact directly. Your Artwork  will be a stunning piece of art that will hold a special significance in your heart and is a symbol of your generosity.
Thank you for your support and for your Love.  Xxx Antuanelle 



  • Multi-colored hymn to coastal surfing beauty
  • Tropical Seascape Print will add a luxury touch to any home
  • 3 finishes - GiClee Paper, Acrylic and Canvas 
  • Size can be customised - contact for a quote
  • Limited Edition Print of 25 in total