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Whitsundays Vibes. Beach with Crystals Appetite & Turquoise.

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Round teal ocean artwork with crystals of appetites and turquoise, with seashells and white waves.  

Inspired by the Whitsunday’s, this ocean portal transports you to the unseen beauty of ocean currents. White foamy waves curl towards the earthy pebbles, seashells, and appetite and turquoise crystal-covered shore.  


  • Multi-colored hymn to coastal beauty 
  • Rare and valuable gemstone and seashells accents 
  • Epoxy resin coating for preservation 

Size: 60 cm 

 This Artwork on photo has SOLD and is available as COMMISSION only. Commission may have similar colors/gemstones/seashells/composition however due to liquid medium - the shapes and lines will always be different and unique. To order similar looking custom artwork proceed with the order here or go via COMMISSION Page.