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Blue Reef. Abstract Seascape. Original Artwork.

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Enjoy this aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef with this ocean abstract installment in the “Azure Portals” series.

Original Sky blue Abstract Art - made with Tiger Thai Scallop Seashells, iridescent shimmering pieces, crystals and glass, a few tiny sea stars (all ethically sourced), natural pigments, inks, and mixed media on canvas.  Ocean Abstract Art is made with seashells and liquid glass.

 This abstract ocean Artwork uses lush blues, rich navy, cold aqua, and crisp white to transport you to a different, untouched world. This oceanscape is sealed with epoxy resin to preserve and highlight its vibrant beauty. The earthly seashells impart the natural majesty of the shoreline of the Great Barrier Reef seen on Drone Photography from Above.


  • Multi-colored hymn to coastal beauty
  • Rare and valuable crystals and seashells accents sticking out create texture 
  • Epoxy resin coating for preservation

Size: 90x90cm


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