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Farfalla Marina. Blue Butterfly Artwork with Gemstones

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MADE TO ORDER CUSTOM ARTWORK: Custom made Porthole Artwork  Made to Order Epoxy Painting

Blue Morpho Butterfly with gemstones and freshwater pearls sticking out from the glass like surface - added one by one every single tine gemstone crystal. Vibrant and Colourful with white, blue and teal abstract background.  This abstract ocean Artwork uses lush teals, deep navy blues, cold aqua, crisp white, and warm pink to transport you to a different, untouched world. This butterfly artwork is sealed with epoxy resin to preserve and highlight its vibrant beauty. It is a real jewel - with so many gemstone crystals it is by far more precious than even some of the bigger artworks.


  • Multi-colored hymn to Butterfly beauty
  • Rare and valuable gemstone and pearls accents (amethysts, quarts..)
  • Epoxy resin coating for preservation
        Fully customisable painting - shape/size/color/gemstones/seashells. If you like something but want it in different colors or size - Commission is for you.

         Commission may have similar colors/gemstones/seashells/composition however due to liquid medium - the shapes and lines will always be different and unique. To order similar looking custom artwork proceed with the order here or via COMMISSION Page. 

         By ordering it below you are getting similar looking made to order artwork.

        - 3-4 weeks added to production time as its made to order - colours and materials are similar - shapes and lines are always unique and impossible to replicate due to liquid nature of the medium, however I will do my best to get the same feel - final result will be different from what you see on the photo due to liquid nature of the medium and pouring technique