Collectors from US, Canada, China, Europe and Hong Kong are enchanted by the unique spirituality and harmonised colour palette found in Antuanelle’s original Artworks and prints. Working with Gemstone Crystals, Seashells and other found objects she creates a balanced pieces to uplift the energy of the home. Abstract Ocean style with a variety of flow mediums, each artwork is created with meditation, each crystal connected with its chakra to create
a boundless energy and joy that is 100% pure Marie. Her desire to exude harmony and serenity everyday through her art has made Antuanelle a beloved figure among the Australian art community.

| RESIN ART | Abstract OCEAN Artworks

Contemporary abstract resin artist ANTUANELLE 

Abstract Seascapes, Ocean Artworks made with  Real  GEMSTONES & PEARLS & SEASHELLs

Portholes to the Ocean
Gemstones, Seashells and Fire.
Antuanelle's  Ocean Resin art spark conversations about the importance of marine conservation—her Abstract Ocean Artworks connect people to the pure beauty of popular beaches and ocean reserves, depicting them as if they were completely untouched by human presence. 
Antuanelle is a Sydney-based abstract resin artist from Siberia. Her artworks are inspired by beaches she has travelled to, and objects she has collected from those locales: GEMSTONES, PEARLS, SWAROWSKI CRYSTALS and SEASHELLS. 
She has worked with a wide range of art collectors, consultants and interior designers. Her roster of partners includes the famous Channel9's The Block Shop, United Interiors, Bondi Wall, Mosman Art Gallery, Hunters Hill Art Gallery, Australian Maritime Museum, Royal Easter Show and Westfield.


Recently, she held solo exhibitions in the Hunters Hill Pop Up and Chinese Culture Centre. There, her artwork won awards and has since been featured on Hunters Hill Art Prize billboards throughout Sydney. 
Using GEMSTONES, PEARLS and SWAROWSKI CRYSTALS to adorn her artworks, Antuanelle highlights how precious natural beauty is to humanity—she intentionally erases any traces of human presence to impart the feeling of a completely wild and pure world.


Her signature combination of traditional Russian stone painting techniques with contemporary flow media results in round, aerial portals to another version of our planet.



  • Resin Art is my lifestyle

  • After living in Australia for some years, I still behave like a three-year-old when I see the ocean (almost every week though)

  • My most beloved things: a bead-work Christian Icon handmade by my Granny's aunt that she made while constantly praying, and a small Buriat amulet with 200,000 year-old fossil seashells from the Altai Mountains, proving that the mountains were covered by an ocean many years ago.
  • I live on Instagram and Facebook.
  • I adore Ludovico Einaudi, Enia and Avatar

  • My Granny was a spiritual reader

  • Highlight of 2017—my artwork Silence on billboards in Westfield as a Hunters Hill Art Prize Symbol.

  • I love sharing my inspiration. Sign up Here! 

  • I am strongly against any religious followers who think that women are not equal to men, or who mark other people as infidels if they do not follow their religious code.

Y E S: COFFEE, CRYSTALS, hot yoga, free spirit.
N O P E: Small talk, religious dogma, societal expectations. 


Nature and light are my strongest motivators in my life. Like my morning coffee, they uplift my energy and allow it flow. 

I work with liquid materials because they move like an ocean. They are immediately responsive and live their own life—they do not allow ‘do overs.’ Just living in present—here, now.  There is nothing better than two colored streams forming a waterfall over the edge of the canvas."

Marie works within three distinctive series: Azure Portholes, Portals to the Ocean, and Dreaming — Butterflies.  ARTWORKS





  • 2019 - Royal Easter Show
  • 2019 - Mosman Art Gallery
  • 2019 - Australian Meritime Museum
  • 2018 - Royal Easter Show
  • 2017 - World Polo Championship Art Prize
  • 2017 - Diversarty Christmas Show
  • 2017 - Hunters Hill Art Gallery Art Space 
  • 2017 - Solo Hunters Hill Art space 
  • 2017 - Hunters Hill Pop Up 
  • 2017 - Hunters Hill Art Gallery 
  • 2017 - Mosman Art Gallery 
  • 2017 - Royal Easter Show 
  • 2017 - Art of Sydney , Australian Maritime Museum 
  • 2016 - Solo,Sydney Children Hospital 
  • 2016 - Solo, Chinese Cultural Centre 
  • 2016 - Solo, Kit n Ace, Westfield 
  • 2016 - Hunters Hill Art Prize 
  • 2016 - Mosman Art Galery 
  • 2016 - Royal Easter Show 
  • 2016 - Art of Sydney group show, Darling Harbor, Maritime Museum, Sydney 
  • 2015 – January 2016 Solo exhibition at Angel Gallery, Manly 
  • 2015 - Platform 72 Art Gallery group exhibition, Central Park 
  • 2015 - Saint Clloche Art Gallery group exhibition, Paddington 
  • 2015 - Hunters Hill Gallery Solo Exhibition 
  • 2015 - Symbiosis Charity Art Exhibition Tyumen 
  • 2015 - “The hidden Beauty” duo exhibition, Z galllery, Sydney 
  • 2015 - “Behind the Glass” group exhibition, Painters Gallery, Manly, Sydney 
  • 2015 - Valentines Day group exhibition, Tap Gallery, Sydney 
  • 2015 - International Women’s Day Art Prize, Tap Gallery, Sydney 
  • 2014 - Pyrmont Art Prize 
  • 2012 - group exhibition, Development center, Tyumen, Russia 
  • 2011 - group exhibition Tyumen State Academy Art Gallery, Tyumen, Russia





2020 Featured : Where Women Create magazine 

2019 Featured : My modern Met magazine
2017 Featured: Hunters Hill Art Prize billboards advertising campaign
2016-17 The Block Shop,
2017 Bored Panda,
2017 YooDesign - 2 million audience platform
2016 Featured: LightBulb, SBS Radio, Bondi Wall


2015 - Most Creative Artist Award Creative Uncovered
2014 - award Pyrmont Art Prize
2016 - Award Hunters Hill Art Prize 
2017 - Blue thumb and Eckersleys Art Prize

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