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About Process

About Process

Imagine soft and tranquil waves touching white sand, your body and soul. A time in your life when you felt so alive and that everything is possible. A moment you never wanted to let go. A dream that will last forever….

 These are the wishes of a girl who grew up in Siberia. The dream was to empower people to FOLLOW YOUR DREAM no matter what. A DREAM that reminds you of who you really are, what you want and where you want to be. 

 You have probably realised that life is precious, it moves fast and you can never get it back. Stop for a moment, pause, take a deep breath…. 

 Now dive in and open your eyes awake.

 Its time to make a difference, take a leap towards your hear’s desire and change our FUTURE for better.

 These precious moments of your life will come to your mind every time you see my paintings or slip into AntuanELLE ART leggings or beach dress. 


Photo by Damian Lloyd / Seasaltstudios