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Basic Resin Powder Pigment - Collection "White - Black - Metallic"

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Mica Pearl Pigments are made from powdered mica. They are not metal, will never rust or tarnish and are completely non-toxic. They may be used for hundreds of art & craft applications and applied to virtually any surface when mixed with an appropriate medium. They may also be used dry onto Polymer Clays and then sealed with a clear varnish after baking.

Suitable for RESIN ART
Following are just a few uses for these pigments: Resin Artworks - Do not extend 10% ratio - add less for transparent effect and more for opague effect.

Surface decorating for Slime, Polymer Clays, Stamping onto polymer clays or paper, faux-finishing, tole & decorative painting, fine art painting, candle-making, soap-making, calligraphy, sculpture, marbling, papermaking, printing, stenciling and interior decorating.

Please Note: You may notice a variance in visible amounts of powder in containers between different colours - this is because colours weigh different amounts & therefore visually appear different amounts whilst still weighing the correct weight.


NET Volume: 120ml 
Quantity: 1pcs jar
Material: mica
Item weight: 50 gramms

Product Name: mica Powder
function: Decorations
High temperature resistance: yes
safe and non-toxic: yes
Skin contact: yes
application: Resin Art, Eyeshadow etc.